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Very nice ambience for brunch or dinner in this restaurant. Tried tacos as dinner. Not regretting order that, taste good n better than chilli's. Reasonable priced for all the menu items. Wish can try their 22 inch NY pizza. Look so big n tasty.
Joe Thin

What Our Customer Say About Our Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

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Best Rice Cooker

How To Choose The Best Rice Cooker For Your Restaurant in Malaysia

In this post, we’ll be explaining how to choose the best rice cooker for your restaurant in Malaysia. We’ll be talking about the different features you should be considering when you buy one, and the different types of rice cookers, and what each offers. Also, you can check out this list of the best rice cookers in Malaysia based on price, capacity, models and functions.

Best Rice Cooker

What is a rice cooker?

Rice cookers are electric kitchen gadgets that make cooking rice extremely easy. While it can be done on the stovetop, a rice cooker can do the job much more efficiently. This post will explore what a rice cooker is, how it works, and how to use it. A rice cooker is a small, electrical appliance that can be used to cook rice, and other grains like quinoa, oatmeal, barley, and pearl barley.

It does this by keeping the water at a constant temperature, ensuring that the rice will cook evenly and emerge tender and fluffy. A rice cooker is a simple appliance to use. It looks like a small metal bowl with a lid, and a small wire or knob that raises and lowers the grain.

What features should I look for in a rice cooker?

Today’s rice cookers have all sorts of bells and whistles. Some have fancy LCD displays and the ability to adjust cooking time and temperature. Others come with all sorts of fancy attachments, like steaming baskets and rice-measuring sticks. But what features should you really be looking for in a rice cooker?

1. Check the capacity of the rice cooker

There are three essential components that you should consider before buying a rice cooker: the capacity, the cooking method, and the cost to value ration. A good rice cooker should be able to cook the desired amount of rice. If you own a large family or frequently entertain guests, then look for a rice cooker with a large capacity.

Finding the right rice cooker for your needs can be a little bit tricky. Because there are many different types of rice cookers on the market, and each type has its pros and cons. You can decide the capacity of the rice cooker is based on how many folks you cook for. For example, you can select a small rice cooker that will cook for a few people, or you can acquire a large rice cooker for your big family.

2. Size- How much rice can it cook?

The size of the rice cooker is an important purchasing consideration. Your choice should be based on how many people you cook for and the type of rice you make. If you cook a lot of rice and make different varieties, you should buy a larger cooker. If you cook small amounts of rice and only make one variety, you should buy a smaller cooker.

3. See what type of accessories come with the rice cooker

Before you buy a rice cooker, you need to check for accessories. A lot of the models will come with a steamer, rice scoop, and measuring cup. Check next to see if the cord is detachable, as some of the more budget friendly models often have permanent cords that you cannot take off. Blog Post Body: After checking for the things above, you want to check out the features. The best thing to do is to look at the features and then decide which is the best one for you.

Conclusion on Purchasing a Rice Cooker for your restaurant

Regardless of the size of your restaurant, you will always need a reliable rice cooker. When it comes time to buying rice cookers, you will want to look for one that comes with a number of features, including the options for white, brown, or mixed rice.

You will also want to look for a cooker that offers different delay timers, ensuring you will always have hot rice ready when you need it. The Advantages of Buying a Rice Cooker The most important reason to buy your own rice cooker is the quality of the rice it makes. If the rice is not good, the whole meal is spoiled. The only way to make sure your rice is going to be delicious is to cook it in a reliable rice cooker.

Tips For Using a Rice Cooker For Restaurant Owners

A trip to a restaurant is a delicious trip. Doesn’t matter if you will enjoy beautiful scenes or not but you will never regret a delicious dish ever. The menu of any restaurant marks the visit of any visitor in the restaurant. But having a very out of the box menu is difficult because there is no guarantee that any unique dish will taste better.

And for this situation, the rice acts as a lifesaver. Does not matter the eater is from which country or planet, rice is that one thing that even aliens cannot stay ignorant from. So what so great about rice? Well here is the key, rice can be added to any dish, it can be turned into anything mouth watery, unlike others that have a very limited approach to them. So, if you are a restaurant owner add a rice and rice cooker in your kitchen right now. But are aware of the usage of a rice cooker? No?

Then stay till the end as we will be discussing every important detail about the use of a rice cooker.

How To Use a Rice Cooker

Knowing everything about rice is cool, but what dish are we going to make without knowing the use of a rice cooker. So here are some tips for using rice cooker in a restaurant.

  1. Know your dish

The first and foremost tip for using a rice cooker is to know what you are going to make. Sounds obvious, so obvious that it often gets ignored. Let us get a clear picture. Every dish has a different style of its procedure, and they are all made in a different vessel. So if you are going to make any dish of rice that needs constant stirring then a covered lid won’t be working wonders for you. So, the most basic and most important tip is to know what you are going to make of that rice.

  1. Type of rice

Rice doesn’t have a single form of origin, there are various kinds of rice used for various types of dishes. So in case you are going to use a bowl of polished powered rice, better rinse it thoroughly with water first, instead of putting it directly inside the cooker. Study nicely about the type of rice you are going to use.

  1. Do not rush in buying the rice cooker

You are going to find the right your rice cooker for a larger scale, a restaurant. So unlike any regular household, you will be making it for a large number of people at regular hours. Hence you don’t want to mess things up at the final moment, so it is better to select the type of cooker according to your needs of the restaurant. Try to go for the larger size with a robust tendency, so it can hold up to the needs longer.

  1. A proper amount of water

Rice needs water. We need to understand that every type of rice and dish needs a different amount of water. And so is the case with different types of a rice cooker. The different cooker also releases steams differently, this decides to add water very much crucial. If your rice is long then considered adding a little more than 1 and a half cup of water. For shorter to medium ones, 1 and a half cup would work just fine.

  1. Do not forget the quantity

Every cooker has a different quantity to hold. Do not exceed that limit, this will not only ruin the dish but will also damage the cooker. Better if the quantity of rice is more, then, do multiple trips of it. Avoid any kind of overload to the rice cooker for a better and tasty rice dish.

And this sums up the tips and uses of a rice cooker. Keep them in mind and kitchen for a better and chef’s style dish.

These were some tips to use a rice cooker. Never rush and mix up them all as it may spoil the dish. Be specific at a time. Remember do dish is a top dish until and unless it is made with true desire and passion.

If we talk about rice, it is just a food item, it is the chef and the cook that will do wonders to that simple food item. Also do not forget to take proper care of the rice cooker. Have a regular cleaning process of it and also if using an electric cooker, then get it checked regularly.

rice cooker

Should Restaurants in Malaysia Use Rice Cookers?

Ever wondered if restaurants in Malaysia should use rice cookers? This article will share you everything.

Restaurants in Malaysia usually prepares rice to serve the customers in a huge container. And if they are preparing the rice in a traditional method using a traditional stove which takes the fuel in the form of wood and other burning agents. This method requires so much time to prepare the rice on the traditional style stove.

To meet the demand of the customers that the restaurants in Malaysia receive every day they must implement a new way of cooking rice in the most reliable and fastest way. Even with the technological and innovative advancements humankind are making the restaurants in Malaysia are still using the traditional firewood stoves to cook rice for its customers. That is only because the Rise that is cooked using the traditional fire stove will have the flavor of the firewood embedded in it and it tastes much more delicious when served with a spicy and tasty dishes.

So what if the restaurants in Malaysia use rice cookers for cooking the rice to serve the customers.

Will restaurants lose their flavour in the rice that they have while using the traditional firewood stove?

There would be certain differences in cooking the rice on the firewood stove and in a rice cooker. The rice cooker is completely powered by the electrical power and no smoke is induced into the surrounding environment.

While in the case of using a traditional fire stove the surrounding environment will be filled with smoke that is caused by the burning of the firewood.

That is discomfort for the customers and the staff of the restaurant too. To overcome this problem the restaurants have to implement an effective and useful way to cook the rice without causing any discomfort to their employees and the customers simultaneously.

Are the rice cookers reliable?

There are so many myths about the usage of rice cooker that is invented recently. It is said that if you eat the rice you will get mouth ulcers and mouth-related issues because the rice is cooked using the electrical energy. That is completely a myth because there is no harm done by eating the rice cooked by using the rice cooker.

The rice is cooked only by the heat generated by the electrical energy. You are using the same water and the same rice grains for cooking the rice in both cases. The only advantage of cooking the rice using a traditional firehouse is the flavour it gives to the rice because of the smoke coming out of the Furnace.

The rise does not have to be flavoured for the consumption because it is served with spicy and delicious dishes for the customer already. Any flavour that the rice is cooked with goes to complete waste because it is beaten out by the flavour of the dishes that the rice is being served with. It is recommended to use electrical rice cookers than traditional five stoves.

The rice cookers will cook the rice in less time than a traditional fire stove. And it will give you the supply that is enough for many people and even more in case of crowded customers. The rice cookers are more reliable for the restaurants to use for cooking the rice.

Why do restaurants in Malaysia need to use rice cookers?

Throughout the day the restaurants in Malaysia receive a huge amount of customers for their food. If the restaurants are using a traditional stove to cook the rice they will certainly not able to meet the demand of the customer’s needs.

If the restaurants in the Malaysia use a rice cooker to cook the rice it will meet the demand of the rice required by the customers all day long. And it is a simple process to cook the rice using rice cooker using the electrical energy and it is also environment-friendly there is no smoke released by the electrical rice cookers at all. There is also an industrial range large rice cooker available to cook the rice in a single batch that is enough for even 500 people at a given time.


The times are changing, everyone also needs to change according to the new generations coming by. If the restaurants do not implement the use of rice cooker immediately they will certainly face a tough time in providing their services to their customers and certainly taking losses in their restaurant businesses.

To avoid that type of losses and the downfall by the restaurants they have to change according to the time and make use of the technological inventions for their services. Nothing is going to change the taste of the food by using rice cookers. The taste lies in the hands of the cook and the ingredients that are used in the delicious dishes.

The restaurants in Malaysia should and must use rice cookers to cook rice. While it also seems to be a hard decision by getting rid of the traditional methods in cooking the rice, the restaurant has to step forward for the survival of their restaurant business. And also they can serve the customers more effectively by using new technology and inventions.

How Pests Can Eat into Your Restaurant’s Profits

Pests who have invaded your restaurant will not just cause inconveniences to the customers who are dining in. They are also in a position to create a major negative impact on the profits of your restaurant. Here are some of the ways on how pests can eat into the profits of your restaurant. After getting to know about these facts, you should take appropriate steps to get rid of the pest problems as soon as possible.

You will create a negative impression on the minds of your customers

Having pests inside the restaurant can create a negative impression on the minds of your customers. When customers see pests in your restaurant premises, they will never return back. On the other hand, those customers will also tell others that your restaurant is filled with pests.

Hence, you will end up getting no customers at all. This can create a direct impact on the profits that you are generating through your restaurant. Hence, you should get rid of pests and ensure that there is no space for pests to live within your restaurant.

Pests can ruin contaminate your inventory in restaurant

If pests get into your store foods, they will be able to contaminate food as well as packaging materials. That’s because pests carry harmful pathogens, which can eventually spread foodborne illnesses. For example, cockroaches can live in the cardboard boxes that you use at your restaurant to store food.

Pests can also leave behind larvae and eggs on your food and contaminate them. Hence, you will have to go through numerous struggles to ensure the safety of your stored food items, such as rice, barley, corn, wheat, nuts, and whole grains.

Pests can be destructive

Pests can also be destructive. They can cause a variety of damages to your restaurant. They include damages to the building structures, electrical wiring, and other expensive appliances that you have within the restaurant. Pests can also cause structural damage to your building.

After these damages, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money out of your pocket to overcome the damages. Hence, you should get rid of them.

Pests can be a threat to restaurant cleanliness

It is important to maintain hygienic conditions within your restaurant at all times. If you fail to maintain hygienic conditions, guests who come to dine in at your restaurant will fall ill. Even your restaurant staff can fall ill. Pest droppings in your restaurant are unsanitary and they will spread numerous harmful pathogens. On the other hand, pest droppings can also increase the risk of slip and fall hazards. They will cost you money in the long run.

As you can see, it is never a good idea to have pests within your restaurant as they can cause numerous financial damages. Take appropriate steps to get rid of the pests and you will be able to overcome the struggles created by them.

Common Pests Every Restaurant Owner in Kuala Lumpur Needs to Know

As a restaurant owner, you will have to deal with the struggles caused by pests regularly. This is where you should have a strong understanding of the common food pests. This understanding will assist you to refrain from the struggles caused by them in the long run. Here’s a list of the most common food pests that you should know as a restaurant owner.


Ants are another common pest that you can find in restaurants. There are numerous types of ants. You will be able to use baits to trap ants, but they might not be able to deliver positive results at all times. Hence, you will need to get the assistance of one of the professional pest extermination companies to deal with the problem that you have with ants. They will trace the ant colonies and get rid of them.


Food odor coming out from the kitchen of your restaurant can lead you to numerous problems with flies. There are different types of flies, which get attracted to your restaurant. Fruit flies are the most common type of flies out of them and they usually get attracted to sugary liquids.

On the other hand, drain flies are attracted to rotting food at your restaurant. Flies can carry harmful pathogens, which can make your restaurant unhygienic. Hence, you should keep them away from your restaurant at all times.


Cockroaches are another common pest that you will have to deal with. These pests are quite scary than they look as they can fly. It is possible to see cockroaches hiding in the dark corners, crevices, and cracks of your restaurant. They can give life to numerous infestations and contaminate the food that you have in your restaurant kitchen.


We can also see how most of the restaurant owners are dealing with problems created by rodents. That’s because restaurants have ideal environments for the rodents, including water and food. On the other hand, restaurants can also offer warmth and shelter to rodents. You should try your best to get rid of rodents as soon as possible because they are in a position to contaminate your food.

Stinging pests

Stinging pests include mosquitoes, wasps, and bees. You can also call them common pests to live within restaurants. They are a major threat to the waiting areas and outdoor dining areas of your restaurant. On the other hand, stinging pests will also be able to create inconveniences for your customers.

That’s why you should think about methods of getting rid of pests immediately.

Now you are aware of the common pests that can lead you to problems at your restaurant. By seeking the assistance of an expert pest extermination company, you will be able to get rid of the frustration caused by all these pests in the most effective manner. Then you can create a perfect environment for all your visitors to dine in.

bird in restaurant

5 Ways Birds Can Be Pests for Your Restaurant in KL

Birds are not usually considered pests. However, there are situations where birds can become pests for your restaurant. It is important for you to keep your eyes on this and make sure that you don’t have to deal with any negative consequences created by them. Here are five ways on how birds can be pests for your restaurant.

Birds can ruin the cleanliness of your restaurant

Birds who live within your restaurant will not just mind their own business. They will ruin the cleanliness of your restaurant. It is important for you to maintain hygiene within your restaurant at all times. Imagine what would happen if bird droppings got mixed with food that you have stored at the restaurant.

Birds can also carry pathogens, which can give life to a variety of health issues among people. That’s why you should make sure that there are no birds entering your restaurant.

Birds can be a nuisance to the guests of your restaurant

Birds can also cause trouble to the guests who are dining at your restaurant. You need to make sure that your restaurant is having a proper environment, where the guests will be able to enjoy their food without encountering any frustration. However, pests can keep your guests away from having such a great experience. Even the noises they make can disturb your pests. That’s why it is important for you to get rid of birds.

Birds can cause damages to your restaurant

You have invested a considerable amount of money in your restaurant. Hence, you never expect birds to cause any damages to it. However, birds can go ahead and cause numerous damages to your restaurant property. They will damage electrical wiring, rooftops, and all other types of equipment that you have in your restaurant.

Even their droppings are acidic, and they can cause damages to paint. That’s another reason to get rid of birds.

Birds can make a big mess

It is a must for you to maintain a neat and proper ambiance within your restaurant at all times. However, this will not be an easy thing to do when there are birds. That’s because bird droppings can make a big mess on your windows, walkways, outdoor furniture, and signage.

Your guests will never expect to see bird droppings in your restaurant. Hence, you should get rid of them immediately.

Birds can damage the reputation of your restaurant

Birds are also in a position to create a major negative impact on the good reputation you maintain. People will say that your restaurant is not a good place to dine in because there are birds all around it. This will eventually damage the reputation of your restaurant and no person would be tempted to come and dine in.

Keep these reasons in mind and make sure that you get rid of birds who live in and around your restaurant as soon as possible.

Ants That Can Infest Restaurant

4 Types of Ants That Can Infest Your Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

As a restaurant owner, you will have to continuously deal with the challenges created by ants. While taking appropriate steps to keep the restaurant free from ants, you should also have a better understanding of the different types of ants that can infest your restaurant. Here’s a list of the most prominent types of ants that can infest your restaurant.

Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants are a common type of ants that you can find in numerous restaurants out there. They have a brown colored body. The size of a Pavement Ant is around 1/8 inches. These ants are getting attracted to foods that you have in the restaurant, including grease and sweets.

Moreover, the ants will consume seeds and dead insects as well. The main reason why these ants are called Pavement Ants is that they tend to build their nests in pavements and sidewalks of your restaurant. Hence, you can use that as a sign to figure out the presence of these ants. For example, you will be able to see piles of soil around the baseboards of the restaurant when Pavement Ants are present.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants are quite common within restaurants. These ants have a black colored body and they usually get attracted to sweets. They are also releasing an odor when they are crushed. This is the main reason why they have got such a name.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh Ants are light brown in color. These ants are getting attracted to your restaurant because of all the sweet food that you have. They will lay nests in places that provide protection to them. That’s why you will often be able to see the presence of Pharaoh Ants in walls, appliances, furniture, small boxes, curtain rods, sheet folds, and even under the roofing shingles. These ants live in colonies, but they tend to split the colony when they feel threatened. That’s why dealing with a Pharaoh Ants infestation can be tough. You will be able to see them all around your restaurant and the traditional methods of ant control will not be able to deliver any positive results.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants usually have a black color, but they can also be brownish or red. These ants are getting attracted to food as well. However, they tend to consume other insects. Carpenter Ants prefer to live in areas where they can find excessive moisture. This is the main reason why you can find Carpenter Ants near water leaks, dead wood, or in poorly ventilated spaces around your home.

Now you are aware of the four most common types of ants that can infest your restaurant. If you notice the presence of one or more of these ants, you will need to get the assistance of a pest control professional and get rid of them as soon as possible. Then you can ensure that these ants don’t cause any significant damages to your property.

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