January 25, 2021

Common Pests Every Restaurant Owner in Kuala Lumpur Needs to Know

As a restaurant owner, you will have to deal with the struggles caused by pests regularly. This is where you should have a strong understanding of the common food pests. This understanding will assist you to refrain from the struggles caused by them in the long run. Here’s a list of the most common food pests that you should know as a restaurant owner.


Ants are another common pest that you can find in restaurants. There are numerous types of ants. You will be able to use baits to trap ants, but they might not be able to deliver positive results at all times. Hence, you will need to get the assistance of one of the professional pest extermination companies to deal with the problem that you have with ants. They will trace the ant colonies and get rid of them. Read more about the benefits of pest control for restaurant owners.


Food odor coming out from the kitchen of your restaurant can lead you to numerous problems with flies. There are different types of flies, which get attracted to your restaurant. Fruit flies are the most common type of flies out of them and they usually get attracted to sugary liquids.

On the other hand, drain flies are attracted to rotting food at your restaurant. Flies can carry harmful pathogens, which can make your restaurant unhygienic. Hence, you should keep them away from your restaurant at all times.


Cockroaches are another common pest that you will have to deal with. These pests are quite scary than they look as they can fly. It is possible to see cockroaches hiding in the dark corners, crevices, and cracks of your restaurant. They can give life to numerous infestations and contaminate the food that you have in your restaurant kitchen.


We can also see how most of the restaurant owners are dealing with problems created by rodents. That’s because restaurants have ideal environments for the rodents, including water and food. On the other hand, restaurants can also offer warmth and shelter to rodents. You should try your best to get rid of rodents as soon as possible because they are in a position to contaminate your food.

Stinging pests

Stinging pests include mosquitoes, wasps, and bees. You can also call them common pests to live within restaurants. They are a major threat to the waiting areas and outdoor dining areas of your restaurant. On the other hand, stinging pests will also be able to create inconveniences for your customers.

That’s why you should think about methods of getting rid of pests immediately.

Now you are aware of the common pests that can lead you to problems at your restaurant. By seeking the assistance of an expert pest extermination company, you will be able to get rid of the frustration caused by all these pests in the most effective manner. Then you can create a perfect environment for all your visitors to dine in.

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