January 30, 2021

Should Restaurants in Malaysia Use Rice Cookers?

rice cooker

Ever wondered if restaurants in Malaysia should use rice cookers? This article will share you everything.

Restaurants in Malaysia usually prepares rice to serve the customers in a huge container. And if they are preparing the rice in a traditional method using a traditional stove which takes the fuel in the form of wood and other burning agents. This method requires so much time to prepare the rice on the traditional style stove.

To meet the demand of the customers that the restaurants in Malaysia receive every day they must implement a new way of cooking rice in the most reliable and fastest way. Even with the technological and innovative advancements humankind are making the restaurants in Malaysia are still using the traditional firewood stoves to cook rice for its customers. That is only because the Rise that is cooked using the traditional fire stove will have the flavor of the firewood embedded in it and it tastes much more delicious when served with a spicy and tasty dishes.

So what if the restaurants in Malaysia use rice cookers for cooking the rice to serve the customers.

Will restaurants lose their flavour in the rice that they have while using the traditional firewood stove?

There would be certain differences in cooking the rice on the firewood stove and in a rice cooker. The rice cooker is completely powered by the electrical power and no smoke is induced into the surrounding environment.

While in the case of using a traditional fire stove the surrounding environment will be filled with smoke that is caused by the burning of the firewood.

That is discomfort for the customers and the staff of the restaurant too. To overcome this problem the restaurants have to implement an effective and useful way to cook the rice without causing any discomfort to their employees and the customers simultaneously.

Are the rice cookers reliable?

There are so many myths about the usage of rice cooker that is invented recently. It is said that if you eat the rice you will get mouth ulcers and mouth-related issues because the rice is cooked using the electrical energy. That is completely a myth because there is no harm done by eating the rice cooked by using the rice cooker.

The rice is cooked only by the heat generated by the electrical energy. You are using the same water and the same rice grains for cooking the rice in both cases. The only advantage of cooking the rice using a traditional firehouse is the flavour it gives to the rice because of the smoke coming out of the Furnace.

The rise does not have to be flavoured for the consumption because it is served with spicy and delicious dishes for the customer already. Any flavour that the rice is cooked with goes to complete waste because it is beaten out by the flavour of the dishes that the rice is being served with. It is recommended to use electrical rice cookers than traditional five stoves.

The rice cookers will cook the rice in less time than a traditional fire stove. And it will give you the supply that is enough for many people and even more in case of crowded customers. The rice cookers are more reliable for the restaurants to use for cooking the rice.

Why do restaurants in Malaysia need to use rice cookers?

Throughout the day the restaurants in Malaysia receive a huge amount of customers for their food. If the restaurants are using a traditional stove to cook the rice they will certainly not able to meet the demand of the customer’s needs.

If the restaurants in the Malaysia use a rice cooker to cook the rice it will meet the demand of the rice required by the customers all day long. And it is a simple process to cook the rice using rice cooker using the electrical energy and it is also environment-friendly there is no smoke released by the electrical rice cookers at all. There is also an industrial range large rice cooker available to cook the rice in a single batch that is enough for even 500 people at a given time.


The times are changing, everyone also needs to change according to the new generations coming by. If the restaurants do not implement the use of rice cooker immediately they will certainly face a tough time in providing their services to their customers and certainly taking losses in their restaurant businesses.

To avoid that type of losses and the downfall by the restaurants they have to change according to the time and make use of the technological inventions for their services. Nothing is going to change the taste of the food by using rice cookers. The taste lies in the hands of the cook and the ingredients that are used in the delicious dishes.

The restaurants in Malaysia should and must use rice cookers to cook rice. While it also seems to be a hard decision by getting rid of the traditional methods in cooking the rice, the restaurant has to step forward for the survival of their restaurant business. And also they can serve the customers more effectively by using new technology and inventions.

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