February 1, 2021

Tips For Using a Rice Cooker For Restaurant Owners

A trip to a restaurant is a delicious trip. Doesn’t matter if you will enjoy beautiful scenes or not but you will never regret a delicious dish ever. The menu of any restaurant marks the visit of any visitor in the restaurant. But having a very out of the box menu is difficult because there is no guarantee that any unique dish will taste better.

And for this situation, the rice acts as a lifesaver. Does not matter the eater is from which country or planet, rice is that one thing that even aliens cannot stay ignorant from. So what so great about rice? Well here is the key, rice can be added to any dish, it can be turned into anything mouth watery, unlike others that have a very limited approach to them. So, if you are a restaurant owner add a rice and rice cooker in your kitchen right now. But are aware of the usage of a rice cooker? No?

Then stay till the end as we will be discussing every important detail about the use of a rice cooker.

How To Use a Rice Cooker

Knowing everything about rice is cool, but what dish are we going to make without knowing the use of a rice cooker. So here are some tips for using rice cooker in a restaurant.

  1. Know your dish

The first and foremost tip for using a rice cooker is to know what you are going to make. Sounds obvious, so obvious that it often gets ignored. Let us get a clear picture. Every dish has a different style of its procedure, and they are all made in a different vessel. So if you are going to make any dish of rice that needs constant stirring then a covered lid won’t be working wonders for you. So, the most basic and most important tip is to know what you are going to make of that rice.

  1. Type of rice

Rice doesn’t have a single form of origin, there are various kinds of rice used for various types of dishes. So in case you are going to use a bowl of polished powered rice, better rinse it thoroughly with water first, instead of putting it directly inside the cooker. Study nicely about the type of rice you are going to use.

  1. Do not rush in buying the rice cooker

You are going to find the right your rice cooker for a larger scale, a restaurant. So unlike any regular household, you will be making it for a large number of people at regular hours. Hence you don’t want to mess things up at the final moment, so it is better to select the type of cooker according to your needs of the restaurant. Try to go for the larger size with a robust tendency, so it can hold up to the needs longer.

  1. A proper amount of water

Rice needs water. We need to understand that every type of rice and dish needs a different amount of water. And so is the case with different types of a rice cooker. The different cooker also releases steams differently, this decides to add water very much crucial. If your rice is long then considered adding a little more than 1 and a half cup of water. For shorter to medium ones, 1 and a half cup would work just fine.

  1. Do not forget the quantity

Every cooker has a different quantity to hold. Do not exceed that limit, this will not only ruin the dish but will also damage the cooker. Better if the quantity of rice is more, then, do multiple trips of it. Avoid any kind of overload to the rice cooker for a better and tasty rice dish.

And this sums up the tips and uses of a rice cooker. Keep them in mind and kitchen for a better and chef’s style dish.

These were some tips to use a rice cooker. Never rush and mix up them all as it may spoil the dish. Be specific at a time. Remember do dish is a top dish until and unless it is made with true desire and passion.

If we talk about rice, it is just a food item, it is the chef and the cook that will do wonders to that simple food item. Also do not forget to take proper care of the rice cooker. Have a regular cleaning process of it and also if using an electric cooker, then get it checked regularly.

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